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Both Sides Now

on Thursday, 22 September 2011. Posted in Charleston Weddings

I now look at all the weddings I play a little differently.  In the words of the song by Joni Mitchell, "I see both sides now."

I will be the MOG on December 31...what we musicians affectionately call the Mother of the Groom.  My son David asked a wonderful woman, Courtney, to marry him in May.  Since then I have found myself not just playing the music at the weddings, but also looking closely at the dresses of the MOB (Mother of the Bride) and MOG. I ask myself, "I wonder what song Courney will pick for me to process to?" Certainly it has to be "Entrance of the Queen of Sheba" by Handel. :-)

Come December 31st, I won't be able to sit discreetly in the corner and play the music with my trio; instead I will host the rehearsal dinner party on December 30th and process down the aisle on December 31st.

Since I will be out of my basic formal black, which forgives figure flaws so tactfully, and into a whole other color scheme, I have entered MOG boot camp.  Two times a week I find myself doing interval training at ECO fitness along with weight work.  My fitness trainer, Lois Newberry, knows I have undertaken the daunting task of shedding two dress sizes by mid November.  She is great and has taken brides through bridal boot camp with her fitness regimens.  We sweat and laugh and process life...and there is less of me each week!

I love to play weddings for all my brides and their families and friends. And now I have entered their world on another level. Playing the music is much less stressful!

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