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My List...Mom's List....

on Thursday, 09 February 2012. Posted in Charleston Weddings

Sorry Mom, the item on the list I think about the most is my dress.dress

As a bride, I want it to be perfect…more than that, I want my fiancé to love it. But what does he like? Do we like the same styles? Do I even know what I like and dislike? I want to visit more than one bridal boutique and I want to try on all the potential “looks.” Initially I was dead-set on a lace dress, but after trying many of them on, I found that lace was giving me an older look. As a 21 year old bride-to-be,“older” is certainly not what I am going for! I am in search of something young, elegant, and, to be truthful, somewhat sexy . My friends say I should go to shops that have hundreds of dresses and try on ALL styles. Then I will know once and for all what I really want and like.

My search is on…let me know of any bridal shops or websites I should visit!

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