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There Went the Groom...Here Comes the Bride!

on Friday, 03 February 2012. Posted in Charleston Weddings


My son David married a lovely woman on New Year’s Eve in Richmond,Virginia. When the clock struck midnight, we raised our champagne glasses to the new couple and to the New Year. My suitcases weren’t even unpacked when, on January 2, my daughter Jess got engaged on a breathtakingly beautiful day at the Shem Creek Park. I went from mother-of-the-groom to mother-of-the bride in just 24 hours.

Jess’s wedding will be May 19, 2013. You might think that is a long way off, but since Charleston is one of the top destination wedding sites in America, there is a long list of things that need to happen when you get engaged.

First, you need to set your budget and draw up a preliminary guest list. Numbers generate cost. The number of guests and your budget will determine the type of wedding you will plan.

Second you need to decide if you are going to plan this event yourself or engage an event coordinator. I can only strongly suggest you hire a wedding planner. I have played ceremony music with my trio as a vendor in the wedding business for 25 years, and there was no doubt in my mind that I needed an event coordinator.

Jess showed me her ring, and I ran to the computer to send Cris Bernstein from Premier Events an email to ask if she was available on May 19, 2013. A good event coordinator will help you stay within your budget and define your search for the rest of the items on your list. She or he can also tell your daughter why she can’t “have her cake and eat it too” so you and your daughter stay friends throughout the process.

The third item on our list was selecting a venue. Jess is planning on inviting 165 guests. A wedding is a great excuse to come to Charleston for a vacation. A May wedding will draw 90% attendance from her invitation list. Jess selected a venue that could comfortably accommodate 150 guests. It is generally more cost effective to select a venue that will provide the food as well. Venues are less expensive on Sunday-Thursday, so Jess is getting married on Sunday.  

The final item on the list is selecting the vendors who will provide: photography, flowers, music, the cake, formal wedding attire, transportation, hair and make-up…. Your event coordinator is a huge asset in helping you make these decisions. So…we have checked off our list and are enjoying the engagement and the experience of planning “ A Charleston Wedding Weekend.” How fun!

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