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Do the ensembles play for outdoor events?

The Charleston area offers many unique outdoor venues. We frequently play for outdoor events.

When playing at an outside venue, we make accommodations for the safety of our instruments and we take into consideration extremes of temperatures.  We need enough warmth for our fingers to move. Experience has shown us that we cannot perform in temperatures below 60°F At temperatures lower than that, we must have adequate supplemental heating.

We regret that we cannot perform in the rain. Our stringed instruments are made of wood and cannot be exposed to direct rain or very high humidity where the moisture is appearing on surfaces, as it will cause them to warp.

We enjoy playing outdoors at our scenic Charleston venues. However, our stringed instruments must avoid direct exposure to the sun as this causes the instruments to warp and affects the varnish, and this diminishes the sound quality. For this reason, we require shade while using our instruments outdoors in hot weather. We are not able to perform in temperatures over 95 degrees F.

We regret that we cannot be responsible for weather related cancellations. All remaining balances are due and must be paid. In cases of precipitation or where shade is not possible, we ask the client provide a tent or an alternate ceremony/event site.